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Paint your own Pottery - Boxes, Banks, and Figurines

Package One- $20.00 per painter, minimum of 10 painters, 1 1/2 hrs.

Guests can choose one ceramic item to paint and decorate. Guests choose from boxes, banks, and figurines. Studio staff will assist throughout the party. This package is great for all ages and abilities, kids love selecting their own special item to paint! Don't forget to add a personalized party plate!
* Painting projects will be ready for pickup in 7-10 days.


Paint your own Pottery-Create your own!

Package Two- $25 a per painter, minimum of 10 painters, 2 hrs.

Guests can choose anything from our shelves of a $ 22 value or lower. We offer lots of fun items to choose from such as banks, boxes, mugs and figurines. Great for all ages and abilities. This package includes a personalized Birthday Plate. 
* Painting projects will be ready for pickup in 7-10 days.


Canvas Painting

Package Three-$250 Flat rate, 2 hours, up to 10 painters. Additional guests $25 each.

Ages 8 and up recommended, guests will have 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete their canvas. Kids Canvas is included. There will be a predetermined pattern with a studio host to help the painters complete their masterpieces. When booking your party, we can discuss your canvas pattern options.
Canvases will be ready to go when party ends.
The remainder of the time will be for party celebrations. Don't forget to add a personalized party plate!


Clay sculpting

Package Four-Animal Bowl. $28 per artist, Minimum 8, 2 hours.

Children will choose their own animal to make out of wet clay. The project is created by using wet or raw clay and decorating with paint. 
Clay, tools, and paint will be supplied by instructor.
Ages 7 and up recommended.
The last 30 minutes are for party time. This pkg. includes a personalized party plate!

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